Author = Mohammad Saeed Heydarnejad
Histopathological effects of nanosilver (Ag-NPs) in liver after dermal exposure during wound healing

Volume 1, Issue 3, April 2014, Pages 191-197


Mohammad Saeed Heydarnejad; Parisa Yarmohammadi-Samani; Mohsen Mobini Dehkordi; Mohammad Shadkhast; Samira Rahnama

Sliver nanoparticles accelerate skin wound healing in mice (Mus musculus) through suppression of innate immune system

Volume 1, Issue 2, January 2014, Pages 79-87


Mohammad Saeed Heydarnejad; Samira Rahnama; Mohsen Mobini-Dehkordi; Parisa Yarmohammadi; Hoori Aslnai