What does double-blind peer review mean?

Under double-blind peer review, the manuscript under consideration will be first striped of all identifying information before sending to the reviewers to keep the identity of the authors and the reviewers confidential from either party during the process.

Does NMJ charge any fees for manuscript submission or publication processing?

Nanomedicine Journal (NMJ) does not charge any fees for manuscript submission, processing or publication.

How can the authors inquire about the status of their manuscript?

The corresponding author can keep track of the processing of their manuscript after logging into their user panel.

Where does the journal's funding come from?

Nanomedicine Journal (NMJ) is funded by the Nanotechnology Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS). NMJ is a libre Open Access Journal that does not charge authors or any third parties for manuscript submission, processing or publication. Reviewers in NMJ are volunteer individuals selected from distinguished academics and active researchers in related fields.

What is the Open Access policy adopted by NMJ?

Nanomedicine Journal (NMJ) has adopted a libre Open Access policy which means unrestricted free online access to all material disseminated by the journal subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) license.

How to submit a new manuscript?

For manuscript submission, first you should register as a new user on the website. After your registration is complete, login as the user, go to "Author" under "Roles of User" and then click on "Submit a New Manuscript".

How to retrieve my password?

You can retrieve your password using the e-mail address you entered when registering. To retrieve your password, go to Users Login page, click on "Forgot Password!" and then enter the e-mail address corresponding to your username. A new password will be sent to that email address within a few minutes.

How to report a technical problem about the website?

Please report any technical problems that you have encountered to ramezanim{at}mums{dot}ac{dot}ir

How long does it take for a manuscript to go under peer-review?

We do our best to have submissions peer-reviewed as fast as possible. However, rigorous peer-review is a time consuming process that should be carefully and thoroughly completed. The peer review process will usually be completed within 2-4 weeks or more.

How is the peer-review process done in NMJ?

For detailed information about the process of peer review in NMJ please refer to the Peer Review Process section under Journal Info.

Does NMJ offer an English editing service?

Unfortunately, Nanomedicine Journal (NMJ) does not offer any English editing services. Non-English speaking authors may hire an English editor if they think their manuscript needs English editing and revision before submission. Submissions of very low English writing quality will be rejected.