Keywords = Drug Delivery
Number of Articles: 13
2. Dopamine-conjugated apoferritin protein nanocage for the dual-targeting delivery of epirubicin

Volume 6, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 250-257


Hasanain Gomhor J. Alqaraghuli; Soheila Kashanian; Ronak Rafipour; Kamran Mansouri

3. Gold nanoparticles as cancer theranostic agents

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 147-160

10.22038/ nmj.2019.06.00001

Atefeh Rostami; Ameneh Sazgarnia

4. Adsorption of melphalan anticancer drug on the surface of fullerene (C24): a comprehensive DFT study

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2019, Pages 112-119


Elaheh Sadat Mirkamali; Roya Ahmadi; Khadijah Kalateh; Goldasteh Zarei

5. Synthesis of new biodegradable nanocarriers for SN38 delivery and synergistic phototherapy

Volume 5, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 210-216


Elham Einafshar; Ali Haghighi Asl; Azadeh hasheminia; Azim Malekzadeh; mohammad Ramezani

6. A review on electrospun nanofibers for oral drug delivery

Volume 4, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 197-207


Abbas Akhgari; Zahra Shakib; Setareh Sanati

9. Electrospun polymeric nanofibers for transdermal drug delivery

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2017, Pages 61-70


Mahya Rahmani; Sepideh Arbabi Bidgoli; Seyed Mahdi Rezayat

12. Functionalization of carbon nanotubes and its application in nanomedicine: A review

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 231-248


Hamidreza Sadegh; Ramin Shahryari-ghoshekandi

13. Nano-niosomes in drug, vaccine and gene delivery: a rapid overview

Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2013, Pages 1-12


Abbas Pardakhty; Esmaeil Moazeni