Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 1-88 

Review Paper

1. Nanoparticles development for pulmonary vaccination: Challenges and opportunities

Pages 1-13


Narges Ghobadi; Sajjad Ghobadi; Michael B. Burkholder; Reza Habibipour

3. Improved anticancer efficiency of Mitoxantrone by Curcumin loaded PLGA nanoparticles targeted with AS1411 aptamer

Pages 21-29


Maryam Hashemi; Zahra Haghgoo; Rezvan Yazdian-Robati; Sanaz Shahgordi; Zahra Salmasi; Khalil Abnous

7. Role of Rubia tinctorum in the synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles and apoptosis induction in breast cancer cell line

Pages 65-72


Zahra Shamasi; Ali Es-haghi; Mohammad Ehsan Taghavizadeh Yazdi; Mohammad Sadegh Amiri; Masoud Homayouni-Tabrizi