Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2023, Pages 163-258 

Review Paper

Recent advances in nanocarriers containing Bromelain: In vitro and in vivo studies

Pages 163-170


Ashkan Safavinia; Sina Dehestani; Zahra Salmasi; Fatemeh Kalalinia; Leila Etemad; Maryam Hashemi

Research Paper

Effect of polycaprolactone/carbon nanotube scaffold implantation along with liposomal ellagic acid in hippocampal synaptogenesis after spinal cord injury

Pages 197-209


Arman Abroumand Gholami; Fatemeh Gheybi; Amir Mahdi Molavi; Fatemeh Tahmasebi; Arash Papi; Hamideh Babaloo

An in-Silico approach to evaluate the binding efficacy and stability profile of MWCNT entangled rutin for breast cancer treatment

Pages 210-215


Kirthi Bhushan A; Damodar Nayak Ammunje; Selvaraj Kunjiappan; Anbu Jayaraman; Manisha Devi; Parasuraman Pavadai

Comparison of antifungal activities of zinc, copper, cerium oxide, silver, gold, and selenium nanoparticles against clinical isolates of Aspergillus

Pages 227-233


shaghayegh Moghadam; Behnam Azari; Majid Darroudi; Hossein Zarrinfar; Zahra Sabouri; Selman Mohammed Selman; Shirin Mohammadi

Encapsulation of eucalyptus essential oil in chitosan nanoparticles and its effect on MDA-MB-231 cells

Pages 234-244


Seyedeh Sabereh Samavati; Mahnaz Hadizadeh; Mohammad Abedi; Morteza Rabiei; Hossein Derakhshankhah